Katelyn McGregor

Dr. Katelyn McGregor – Chiropractor

Dr. Katelyn McGregor joined her husband, Andrew, at Pioneer Family Chiropractic in 2005, driven by her own positive chiropractic experiences as a child. With a passion for creating a chiropractic hub for the Geelong community, Katelyn embarked on extensive postgraduate training in pregnancy, paediatric and family chiropractic care.

As a founding practitioner at The Birth House Geelong, Katelyn has not only provided chiropractic care but has also been an educator in active birth and parenting education programs in the region. She has provided professional development to midwives, MCHNs, lactation consultations and chiropractors across the country. Her commitment to building collaborative relationships and a community of health support and services defines her leadership essence at Pioneer Family Chiropractic.

Katelyn is privileged to care for generations of Geelong families, spanning all ages and walks of life. As a busy mom and active community member, she balances the needs of raising active, healthy teens and the McGregor family with her ongoing passion for supporting PFC as a chiropractic leader for families in the region.


Katelyn McGregor

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