Nicole Britnell

Dr. Nicole Britnell – Chiropractor

Dr. Nicole Britnell has been a dedicated chiropractor since her graduation from RMIT in 2000. Over the years, she has expanded her chiropractic expertise through techniques such as SOT, Activator, Webster technique, SD protocol, and Myo Munchee practitioner training. Nicole’s extensive knowledge and remarkable skills have made her a trusted healthcare provider for thousands of families in the Geelong region and beyond.

Nicole has a strong focus on pregnancy and newborn chiropractic care, supporting Geelong families through the beautiful journey of growth. She’s renowned for her collaborative approach, working closely with midwives, MCHNs, GPs, physios, naturopaths, dentists, and various other healthcare providers to ensure the best outcomes for her patients.

Beyond her profession, you’ll find Nicole spending quality time with her husband and two kids, enjoying concerts and musical theatre, cheering for the Brisbane Lions in footy, and sharing her favourite podcasts and latest book recommendations.


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Nicole Britnell

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